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Welcome to smeinnovation!


How to become a Partner of smeinnovation

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find the most frequently asked questions and answers:

  1. More Innovation for less money: How is that possible?

  2. Why is transfer of technology today of increasing importance?

  3. Which actions should be taken in advance to the start of an innovation project?

  4. How can an enterprise profit from the transfer of technology?

  5. How to lead and monitor your enterprise by Strategic Radar Systems?

  6. For which enterprises are strategic Radar Systems essential?

  7. What are the advantages of an enterprise by using the methodologies of technology management?

  8. How to shorten Innovation Cycles and Time-to-Market?

  9. How to reduce the Fixed Costs of innovation expenditures?

  10. Which actions have to be taken, if an enterprise has innovation needs but no internal resources available for realization?

  11. Which cost savings are possible by using the methodologies of technology management?

  12. How can the risks of an innovation project be reduced?

  13. How can an enterprise identify whether it has innovation needs?

  14. To what extent is the corporate culture critical to successful innovation?

  15. Should companies with own R&D-departments use the methodologies of technology management?

  16. What are the possibilities for an enterprise with identified innovation needs but missing financial resources?

  17. How to get financing when your bank says NO?

  18. How can the marketing of new products or services be promoted in the very early stage of the innovation process?

  19. How can an enterprise secure its core competences, if it uses transfer of technologies and know-how from the outside?

  20. How to successfully apply the Methodology of Technology Management?

  21. What influence does globalization have on innovation processes of enterprises?

  22. How can an enterprise market its know-how and R&D capabilities outside of its actual business activity?

  23. How is it possible to evaluate without expensive prototype activities, whether a start-up or a spin-off project has a real chance to get venture capital?

  24. Are there another types of innovation apart from the technological innovation?

  25. How to transform Innovation into Business Success?

  26. Which opportunities will become available for a SME by a spin-off splitting into a separate firm?

  27. How to find an optimal Partner to realize innovative Projects?

  28. What are the advantages of franchising for SMEs, start-up and spin-off companies?

  29. How can the rate of innovation be measured and which are its characteristic numbers?

  30. What enables the board of director of a technology firm to fulfil his strategic contolling function?

  31. Why do conventional market research studies fail in  the early warning and recognition of opportunities and threats?

  32. Which are the innovation trends of the near future?


Our Newest Innovation: Way out of the Corporate Governance Crisis with our
Strategic "Radar & Recognition System":

US Ministry recommends Switzerland as an optimal business location in Europe!
We offer overall business setting up services in Switzerland:











You like to know more about innovation success?

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Innovation


Internal Seminar and Workshop "More Innovation for Less Money"
Seminar by Dr. Franz Beeler for project leaders, managers and representatives responsible for R&D, Technology, Technology Management, Innovation Processes, Engineering, Marketing, Business Development, Start-up Management, Sales & Distribution and Strategical Planung.

Success by Simultaneous Venturing: 
Innovation & Venture Concept

More Innovation for Less Money:
Technology Management Concept


Success with Franchising:


Start-up Breakthrough with Franchising:


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