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Welcome to smeinnovation!


How to become a Partner of smeinnovation

FREE Franchise Matching Services!
Find Europe's Top Master Franchises Today!

Use MatchPoint Networks Master Franchise Finder Services

Master franchises are suitable for investors with sufficient financial resources to develop a network of franchises in a specified country or region.

As a Master franchisee you earn a portion of the franchise fees generated from franchise sales, as well as a percentage of the royalties within the territory.


MatchPoint provides YOU with Americas Top Franchise Brands now available in EUROPE!

With the premium franchise systems available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, you have a huge choice. As a result, the task of evaluating and selecting one that suits you is daunting!

However, unless you really understand what you should look for in a Master franchise, you could make a very expensive mistake.

Its a situation where you need independent advice and guidance, to help you minimise your risk by introducing you to suitable Master franchises, and guiding you through the appraisal and purchasing process.

This FREE SERVICE from MatchPoint saves individuals like you, time, money & effort in finding the right Master franchise & that meets your requirements.

MatchPoints team of highly experienced consultants provide you with:

  • an in-depth consultation that helps you assess your needs, skills, and goals

  • a "matching" and review of pre-screened Master franchise companies that are right for you

  • a personal introduction to selected Master franchise companies' executives so that you may begin your investigation process the right way

  • on-going support and education throughout your entire process

  • "shared" years of experience in the franchise industry


NEW! - Discover your Unique Entrepreneurial Profile

MatchPoints philosophy is rooted in the belief that optimal success in franchising is achieved through matching the RIGHT individuals with the RIGHT franchise systems.

Take advantage of MatchPoints Heat Mapping test! It provides YOU with unique insights into your skills, experience and personality. This knowledge helps the MatchPoint Senior Industry professional identify the opportunities that best match your needs.

You have no obligation to us at any point in using this service. As soon as you submit the form, one of our consultants will contact you within 24 hours and begin answering your questions.

YES! I would like more detailed information on MatchPoint FREE service to find the Master Franchise / Franchise System that is RIGHT for me ...

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If you would like to know more about franchising:


Megatrend Franchising

The Franchise Procedure


From a Locally Acting SME to a World-wide Corporation


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Franchise Companies in Switzerland


World Brands built on Franchising


The Start-up Chance!


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