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Welcome to smeinnovation!


How to become a Partner of smeinnovation

What are the requirements for WSI Franchisee-Candidates to be successful?





































At WSI, our selection criteria was developed with a clear understanding of what is required to be a successful Internet Consultant, including a business background. We typically see many different business backgrounds being useful including Marketing and Sales, Corporate Executives. IT experience and entrepreneurs (those who own or owned other businesses). In addition, it requires the ability on the part of the applicant to follow a proven system for success, the willingness to work hard, dedication to fulfilling their customers’ needs and most importantly a personal drive to succeed.

Most Executives, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Consultants have one thing in common, and that is the desire to be their own boss and be profitable. In fulfilling this desire, many individuals may not realize that being one’s own boss often times also means being your own sales person, project manager, marketing coordinator, book keeper and administrator. The WSI business model is truly a one of a kind “freedom franchise”. It allows these individuals to leverage their management experience and expertise in different vertical markets to generate profits for themselves and their customers in a world class consulting environment.

We have several training and ongoing skill upgrade opportunities for our Internet Consultants. Initial training to new franchisees is provided through a six week, intensive online training using our proprietory online learning environment facilitated by a dedicated e-coach. This is followed by a one week classroom training at our corporate headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Once the franchisees get back home and open shop, we assist them through our Quick Start Program (QSP) for a 90 day period of dedicated business coaching.

Ongoing support is provided globally through our 24/7/365 Help Desk. Our quarterly Excellence & Innovation Conference series, Bi Monthly Advanced Training Programs, Monthly Ambassador Coach Seminars, and Webinars (4 times a week) are all aimed at sharing best practices and case studies of success to encourage, teach and inspire everyone in our franchise community. We also work closely with our partners in the WSI private e-marketplace to continuously upgrade the skills and training that keeps our franchisees on top of the latest industry trends and demands of the SME market.

Any business that has not yet fully explored the e-business potential and the power of the Internet to market their products and services is a prospective customer of a WSI franchisee. The typical customers our franchisees service are the SMEs who need the comfort of having a local Internet professional who understands their needs and can turn around with a solution in an economical, long lasting,  fast and efficient manner. WSI has developed, deployed and managed Internet Solutions for all types of industries such as Retail, Manufacturing, Education, Automotive, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical and Bio-Medical, Financial Services, Real Estate, Entertainment and all categories of B2B and B2C businesses.

Like most businesses, our franchisees also draw upon their sphere of influence and networking groups to attract initial business leads. At this stage and later as well, we assist by offering them training on lead generation methods they can deploy themselves or they can use one of our many Lead Generation Partners (direct mail companies, telemarketing companies, list providers) available to them through our e-marketplace. We also have a very exciting WSI 2-step Prospecting program, designed specifically to help position our franchisees as the true Internet Marketing experts they are. Our model being that of partnering with end customers for the long term, a majority of our consultants generate ongoing business through client testimonials and referrals.

Perhaps the greatest advantage for a business to work with an Internet expert rather than a traditional Web design firm is the support they receive after their website is placed online. This is where most firms thank clients for their business and bid farewell. At WSI our franchisees have an ongoing support program to ensure that clients achieve a measurable return on their website investment. This means ongoing visitor traffic analysis, management of search engine positioning, Internet business insights and recommendations and more, all delivered by a WSI professional who is committed to making a client’s business more profitable through the intelligent use of Internet technologies.

Specific services like Search Engine Optimization and Pay per Click advertising also help WSI franchisees to earn ongoing revenue and ensure a healthy cash flow. This ongoing and ever increasing value that WSI franchisees deliver to their clients ensures their long term relationship and recurring revenue.



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