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Welcome to smeinnovation!


How to become a Partner of smeinnovation

Details about the WSI selection process for franchisee candidates.


















The success of any business depends on the business owner’s understanding of the end customer’s needs and the ability to deliver the products and services to meet those needs. Perhaps the most valuable experience required by our franchisees, therefore, is that of business analytics, expectation management and relationship handling skills.

At WSI, we carefully select our franchisees based on their experience and entrepreneurial spirit. We then hone those skills to train and empower them to be the partners SMEs need in succeeding at e-business. You cannot afford a mistake as a small business and our franchisees join the WSI family with the shared mission to educate their clients and increase their profitability.

Each WSI local office is an independent privately owned and operated franchise with access to the infrastructure, training, support and combined success of WSI. WSI franchisees have business opportunities to operate with a local, regional, national or international license. WSI provides continuous infrastructural, training and strategic support from start-up to ongoing business to every single franchisee in our family.

We provide every new franchisee with a check list to help them set up their business. This covers hardware and software items, office automation (fax, telephone, Internet connection) guidelines on renting office space, insurance and legal guidelines, accounting packages and stationery (WSI branded), marketing materials (WSI branded and made available through an exclusive e-store), etc.

Not restricted to technology wizards, our franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds across every industry imaginable, giving the benefit of their own business experience in addition to their Internet know-how. That's an important distinction between Internet Consultants and traditional Web Designers, as they focus on delivering true business solutions, rather than simply developing websites.

Another difference that sets a WSI Internet professional apart from other Web designers is their goal of creating an ongoing business relationship with clients. It's almost common practice in this industry for a firm to design a website for a client and then move on to new business, never looking back. A WSI franchisee’s services focus on delivering far more value to businesses and help company’s achieve a real return on their website investment through a profitable long-term partnership.



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Radio Interview with the WSI President Ron McArthur

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