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Welcome to smeinnovation!


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What is WSI and why does the WSI business model work in Germany?


















WSI is an international leader in providing Internet consulting and education services to small to medium sized businesses. With over 1500 internet consultants in 87 countries, WSI offers a suite of affordable Internet related services and technologies tailored to the unique requirements of each client and designed to ensure maximum return on their Internet investment. The company’s service processes and product offerings “mirror the Internet”. The offerings are robust, flexible, automated, scalable and economical solutions serviced locally by the company’s certified Internet Consultants. WSI products and services are designed to drive traffic to SME sites and enhance customer conversion. SME owners via WSI have access to advanced technologies such as Web conferencing, multi media tools, video email, and a host of other e-services they may need, available locally.

The reason our franchise operations are steadfastly successful around the globe is because we offer our customers “tech speak free” advice. A WSI certified Internet Consultant and / or Internet Marketing Specialist have the expertise and experience to help their customers leverage the Internet for their business in a language that they can understand. WSI solutions are locally relevant (appropriate languages, regional business approach and cultural sensitivities) as our Internet Consultants live and operate in the same local markets as their customers. Most of all, our consultants deliver a return on their customers’ investment (something we know all business people can understand, no matter where they are in the world!)

Our objective to deliver world class, affordable, web based solutions that meet individual local business needs is continually met and exceeded through our global franchising model. The Research team at our corporate headquarters has its ear to the ground working with our local franchisees and our International Advisory Council
(made up of franchisees who were elected by the franchisees themselves). Together, they gather, analyze and share e-business trends and best practices in order to leverage these for local market success. Through our 2000 plus global offices, we are well placed to gather and utilize this information across various industries that our consultants touch.

According to Internet World Stats, 2005; Miniwatts International, Ltd., 2005, the Internet Users population in Germany is 47,127,725 with a fascinating 96.4% growth in the last five years. The Internet penetration in the German market is currently at 57% which makes it an exciting time in the industry not only for us at WSI, but also for any Internet based organizations in Germany.

It is vital for any organization to continually grow the market within which it operates. Clearly, for WSI, the opportunity in Germany, like in other parts of the world is enormous. The Internet services market is growing organically as well as through environmental stimuli provided by WSI’s educational and promotional efforts in the German market. This reaffirms our faith that our model will continue to generate the success that it has until now.



For further information please hear the
Radio Interview with the WSI President Ron McArthur

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